What Are the Types of Poker Bonus Offered by Poker Sites?

If you are a poker lover what can be better than some free cash coming into your account? The attraction of plying free poker is something most of the poker lovers find hard to resist. They may spend thousands a day in a casino/online or otherwise but getting a free $25 attached to their bank roll is something they can never ignore. Once you decide to play some serious poker and graduate from free table to the ones with real cash, it is wise to learn the bonuses that are given away by the numerous poker sites that you will find on the Internet.The normal question that comes to every player’s mind starting out to register is that why should a site give out free poker bonus? The answer is simple! To beat the competition! The players will naturally be attracted towards those sites which are offering some free cash.While you sign up in a poker room the best thing would be to do some research on the kind of bonuses offered by the poker rooms and select the one that you find most attractive. Though with most of the sites you are not allowed to have multiple accounts, you can have two or three accounts with different reliable poker sites to avail the bonuses.Giving 100% bonus on your signing up amount is what most of the poker sites like to do. They of course set a limit to your sign up amount like $500 or $1000 dollars but whatever money you deposit they will match the same amount as a bonus. That is if you sign up for the minimum amount of $25 your match up bonus would be $25 added to your account. So you are actually starting off with $50.Then there is no deposit bonus which means the site does not require you to deposit any money when you register with them. This saves you the trouble of finding out if the site is fully reliable or not as you are not investing anything in the beginning. If you are satisfied with the site then you may continue to play further.Finally you have the ‘reload bonus’. This is good for regular players as all players lose the initial amount at some point or the other. The poker room will replenish your account with cash from their side for their loyal players.Another strategy adopted by some sites is the free money plus 100% bonus on your deposit. Here you can expect $50 bonus on your $50 deposit plus $25 as extra incentive. This is truly a grand offer and it would be wise to make a go for it.